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Environmentally friendly solutions using roll formers


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Residential Steel Framing RollformerNew Products For Roll Forming Process

Eco Building Products has announced that they have been awarded an additional fourteen homes to building in California.

As with any new construction project vendors and suppliers are challenged with how to build for less money and offer new creative designs.

Steel Framing Rollformers

Roll forming machines can offer exactly that.  Low cost production and innovative designs.  When building ECO friendly homes it's important to look at the complete spectrum of requirements.  Common construction techniques utilize wood framing as a means to being green.  But is this the case?

Is Wood Framing Eco Friendly?

Common belief is that wooden construction techniques are ECO Friendly.  Although they are produced by a renewable resource this doesn't mean they are green.  In order to be truly green they should be easily recycled.  Steel framing on the other hand is easy to recycle once a building is demolished.  This full circle recycling makes steel studs and tracks more ECO friendly than its counterpart wooden framing.


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