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Steel house framing with stud roll forming machine


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Steel House, is it the future? Steel House, is it the future?

Can Steel Forming Machines Build a Better House?

Steel framing roll forming machine

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Steel studs have long been used in North American high-rise construction because of their ease of use and lightweight construction.  The housing market in the USA and Canada has not readily adopted this framing material for building steel houses.  The common reason is believed to be the reluctance of skilled labor.  It’s thought that they would have to learn new techniques at a cost that is not recovered by the purchaser.

Samco Studmaker

Steel framing machines, such as the Samco Studmaker, can produce all the common steel stud sizes needed for any construction project on one machine.  The versatility of this steel framing machine has allowed manufactures produce just in time materials resulting in reduced per part costs.

Using steel framing vs. wooden stick building

Other benefits to utilizing steel framing in the common home are well known within the industry.  The general public it seems is completely unaware of these benefits.  This disconnect has kept the adoption rate of building steel homes flat over the past decade.  For this market to grow the steel framing alliance and other organizations will have to step up their public awareness campaigns.


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