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Steel tile roofing machine used to rollform simulated red clay tile


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The traditional look of a red clay tile on any roof is a sought after architectural feature many designers are looking for.  In many countries where the sun shines often and labor is inexpensive the standard clay tile is an affordable option.  What happens when you’re living in a colder climate or you want to use a more robust roofing system?

Steel tile roofing systems roll formed with a special machine

In order to achieve this unique profile some very special machinery is needed.  The standard roll forming machine produces 2 dimensional shaping, or bending, of the sheet metal.  The common roofing rollformer produces the following panel profiles and shapes:

  1. Corrugated panels
  2. Standing seam roofing
  3. Trapezoidal (High and Low profile depths)
  4. Cladding profiles

In order to produce the hallmark shape of a clay tile a steel roof machine must introduce a new step in the forming process.  This step creates the backward lip appearance of the tile shape.  You can imagine as the sheet metal is fed in to the mill it is travelling at a consistent speed and direction.  This forward movement is critical in the forming operation to ensure the proper and consistent shape is made.  The simulated steel roof shape introduces a significant challenge during the rollform process.  

Steel tile rollforming machine

Steel Tile Effect Roofing SystemThe backward step needed to produce the common red clay tile look requires that the mill not only stops but moves the sheet metal backward.  At the same time a new press is used to form the lip downward and step the line forward to curl it under.  This complicated process requires an extremely accurate rollforming machine and control logic.

Steel tile profiles and coatings

The most common color used for making steel roofing tile is red.  For obvious reasons this is the desired look for imitating a clay tile roof.  However, builders can order the tile in many colors including a range of shades of red.  This diverse supply makes for an almost unlimited pallet to choose from.

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