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Stud and track roll forming machine for the building and construction industry


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Stud and track roll forming machine Stud and track roll forming machine

Steel stud and track roll forming machine

Metal forming equipment used for manufacturing steel studs and track

One of the most common building and construction materials is the steel stud and track.  The machine that is used to form these steel studs and track is the “Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine“.  The common configuration includes advanced features such as automatic material thickness (gauge) control and material handling systems.  Production rates as much as 500 fpm the fabrication of studs and tracks must roll out without failure.  The rollfromer is an integral part of the success of any stud supplier and is often the heart of the operation.

Benefits of Steel Framing for Drywall

Industrial building and construction projects rely on drywall steel stud systems.  The quick installation and light weight characteristics of steel framing makes this an ideal product.  Many job site forming machines lack the ability to produce stud and track to the right tolerances.  The installation of drywall requires the use of the correct drywall tools.  These tools are engineered to match standard stud sizes used in commercial building.   The drywall machine, or rollformer, must continuously produce the same sizes regardless of the steel coil used.

Auxiliary Equipment for Metal Forming

The most common installation for stud rollforming includes a number of auxiliary equipment.  This equipment aids in the forming of the sheet metal into the correct studs and channels.  The equipment required in rollform studs includes;

  • Uncoiler
  • Flatenner
  • Sheet Metal Lubricator
  • Pre-cut Dies
  • Pre-notching Press
  • Rolling Mill
  • Roll Tolling Stands
  • Post Cut Press
  • Flying Cut-off

Option Accessories

Many installations operate at very high speeds.  For stud and track roll forming it’s common to reach line speeds of 500fpm or more.  For the overall operation to be successful manufacturers must keep in mind the post production requirements.  As the forming machine discharges the stud at a high speed material handling equipment is required to stack and package the steel sticks in to bundles.  Automated conveyor systems such as the following are typically required.

  • Stacker
  • Bundler
  • Wrapper

Software Control System: Reduce scrap metal and overstocked material

Integrating the rollforming machine in to your material handling software is critical to minimizing material waste.  These two systems can ‘speak’ to each other in such a way that loading of specific coils and steel material types are selected.  Having automated features within the roll former such as, auto web width, auto material thickness and auto flange height greatly increase the build to order process.  With pulse generators and photo eye alignment sensors throughout the rolling mill PLC programs constantly monitor the high speed operation of the line.


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