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Steel Rollformers: Drywall Roll Formers and Stud and Track Rollformers


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Stud and Track Rollformers Stud and Track Rollformers

Roll Formers

There are two types of rollforming machines used to manufacture stud and track.  The more common machine is the stud and track rollformer that is used to manufacture drywall studs.  These machines produce studs and very high rates allowing you to produce at a lower per part cost.

The second type of rollforming machine is the structural steel rollformer.  This machine is engineered to handle the larger material and is built “heavy duty”.  The overall functionality is the same as the drywall stud machine however speeds are reduced as a result of the material thickness.

The world leaders that manufacture industrial grade steel stud and track rollforming lines all have installations with the largest suppliers and producers of steel studs.

Learn more about the Stud & Track Rollformers and how they work

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Drywall Stud Machine Lines

Watch the stud and track rollformer in action in this product video

  • Drywall Stud Rollforming Video

Stud Rollforming Machine

Samco Studmaker RollformerThe cost of steel stud framing is a critical consideration when designing a steel home.  In order to be cost effective manufacturers of light steel framing products utilize high-speed rollformers.  These machines are engineered for high volume production which directly impacts the per part cost.  The second critical factor affecting the metal stud and drywall calculation is the material specifications.   The rollforming machine line speed can reach as high as 550FPM while running non-load bearing 20-25 gauge (GA) galvanized steel coil.  At these speeds the rollformer can maintain specification tolerances on length accuracy of +/- 0.032”

Steel Structural Lines

Structural Steel Framing RollformerThe manufacturing of structural steel products requires a specialized stud and track rollforming machine.  The material standards, requirements and shape dimensions are all critical when producing load-bearing products.  Typical material thicknesses for floor joists and stud or tracks is 12, 14 and 16 gauge (GA) with a minimum 55 yield stock.  Structural lines include rapid change over designs with integral pre-cut and post-cut dies.  This allows for continuous operation and the ability to change over the flange height and web width virtually with the touch of a single button.

Full integration with high speed automated packaging systems including bundlers, stackers and strapping systems reduce labor costs and per unit costs.  The heavy duty design and construction allows for 24/7 operation under any circumstance.

Custom Roll Tooling Design Services

Many drywall studs require specialized “proprietary” patterns on the web or flange in order to deliver the required structural requirements.  Also, suppliers may want to ‘brand’ their products with embossing their name or product number in to the steel.  All of this requires specialized tooling within the rollformer.   Many of the leading manufactures for steel studs partner with a rollforming machine company that is capable of assisting them in the development and design of their unique roll tooling stud requirements.

Stud and Track Rollforming  Video


  • Bradbury Stud Mills
  • Sen Fung Model SF-240L
  • Gasparini C/U Machine
  • Samco Greenfield
  • Samco Studmaker™
  • Samco Workhorse

System Specifications and Capabilities

  • Fully Automated Profile Selection
  • High Speed Production Rates
  • Quick Change Over Tool Design
  • Turnkey Software Integration
  • Master Bundler and Stacker Packaging Systems
  • Automated Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Our History

With over two decades of experience in the industrial machinery business we have built a reputation as knowing your business.  Our industrial equipment experience spans many industries and includes a range of product specialties such as rollforming, uncoilers, punch presses and conveyor metal detection equipment.

Industry Stewardship and Position in the Market

Building equipment is only part of the commitment we bring to the industry.  Our approach is to deliver both what our customer needs and engage with the industry as a whole to improve the future.

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Rollforming Customers

Companies that use rollforming systems in the manufacture of their drywall stud and tracks

  • Clark Dietrich
  • Bailey
  • Imperial Group
  • Studs Unlimited
  • California Expanded Metal Products Co.
  • Custom Stud, Inc.
  • MarinoWare


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