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Stud and Track Roll Former Machine


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Interior Construction of Office Buildings 

The most common wall manufacturing technique used in today’s modern office tower is that of steel stud and track.  Speed, cost and weight are the driving forces for this preferred building method.  Having the ability to cut quickly and join simply any interior wall design makes the C channel and U channel steel framing product the only choice.

How do they make steel stud and track?

Stud and Track Wall Roll Former

Large heavy duty stud and track roll formers manufacture with a high degree of accuracy all of the common profiles.  Some manufacturers even offer stud and track wall machines that automatically switch between profile sizes.  This allows manufactures of steel framing products the ability to produce ‘made to order’ bundles of products.  Having this capability along with the capacity to produce thousands of pieces makes the building material highly cost effective.

Onsite Stud and Track Wall Fabrication

Some builders prefer to manufacture the steel framing studs on site.  The rollformer is a lower grade the its industrial cousin however it allows for even higher flexibility.  On some projects the roll forming machine is raised to the floors where it’s needed.  This allows the construction crew to manufacture on demand the materials they need.


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