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Used roll forming equipment


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Can used roll formers deliver the right performance?

You have a project where you need to roll former profiles, such as cee or zee purlin, or maybe you need to roll form panel tiles, you just need to do it now.  This is often the case for many metal forming companies that are looking to either increase production or enter in to new markets.  They ask themselves, how can I minimize cost and maximize my profits.  

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Used roll former for sale – should I buy it?

Now that you have an order insight you search for used roll formers.  You search for used Dreistern and used Bradbury roll former online.  But is this the right way to go.  Would a used Sen Fung roll former perform the same as a used ACS roll former or even a used Samco roll former.  Good questions to ask yourself when you go down this road.  

Purchasing used roll forming equipment for your company.

As with many capital products purchasing used equipment for metal forming can be a tricky process.  When looking for a used roll former ask yourself what are you willing to give up.  Something has to give when you purchase any used capital machinery.  The rollformer tooling can be old and worn out.  The electrical systems in the purlin roll former can be poorly configured creating a nightmare when you install it.

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The bottom line is like any other used purchase buying a used roll former requires a well thought out plan.  Make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing and probably more importantly what you are not.  A used Bradbury roll former isn’t the same as a new single high roll former from Bradbury.  Even a used Sen Fung roll former can’t be as good as a new Roofing Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine from Sen Fung.

Take the time to evaluate all the costs both upfront and installation.  You will require more time and money after you purchase a used roll former.


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