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Varying construction trends bring new challenges galvanized decking material suppliers - IMN


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Roll forming decking line for steel sheets and coils

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A new global study by Cushman & Wakefield and the International Council of Shopping Centers shows a varying demand for new shopping mall construction.   The report points out the differences seen in three geographic regions – Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas including Canada and the USA.  Each of these regions presents new challenges for building material suppliers.  Some areas have no demand causing downward pressure on suppliers while other regions are experiencing a boom and can’t supply enough. You can read the full report here.

How galvanized steel decking machinery can meet changing supply demands

Commercial building and construction requires a number of steel materials.  One of the key products is galvanized decking.  This material is essential for the safe design and construction of any building.  With the fluctuation in building demands material suppliers are struggling with demand.  The key machine to the production of steel decking is the rollformer.  A decking roll former takes the galvanized sheet metal (commonly from a coil) and forms in to the required profile.  The issue for these suppliers is what do you do when the market demand dries up?

Multiple roll tooling sets helps fabricators stay competitive

By using rafted or cassette tooling designs deck flooring fabricators can diversify their forming machines resulting in more uptime.  Older lines can be retrofitted to accepted this functionality and give building component manufacturers a leg up.  Now having the ability to supply both decking and roofing materials within the same line can give companies the advantage they need in this economy.


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