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Video showcasing automotive rollforming


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Automotive Structural Chassis Roll FormerAutomotive parts manufacturing is a complex process with high demands on equipment manufacturers.  Tight tolerances, high volume production rates and squeezed margins makes this a tough market to be in.

Samco Machinery Video – Automotive Rollforming

In this video rollforming machine manufacturer “Samco Machinery” demonstrates how they have designed and engineered a complete system for forming car bumpers.  The Tata Nano, “The Peoples Car’ utilizes several forming machines in order to manufacture the under carriage chassis and bumper.  Integration of the bending and forming steps has given Tata an advantage over other automotive Tier 1 parts suppliers.

Other roll forming machine manufactures such as Roll-Kraft have developed their own innovative solutions for this sector.  The Auto Pro 315 leverages their steel forming technologies to enable them to meet this demanding market.

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