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Wall Panel Roll Forming Machines for the wall and panel manufacturing industry including architectural, urethane sandwich, agi panels and steel walls


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Wall panel and roof panel rollformer

The architectural design business has seen some amazing advancements in the styling and use of metal roof and wall systems.  

Today building designers can imagine almost any design or pattern and see it come to life.  Fabricators of architectural panel systems now have the flexibility to change out quickly machine roll tooling to accommodate new profile shapes and designs.  



How architects, fabricators and rollforming machine manufactures make it all happen.

Having all three levels of the steel wall panel chain working together can give architects significant design advantages above others.  Knowing what is possible from a machine tooling perspective allows building designers the insight needed to introduce new features in corrugation heights, rib depths and rib styles.

  • Early design control
  • Reduced R&D costs
  • Cross profile design integration

Standard wall system such as a 36" architectural panel provide for quick and efficient installation.  This advanced design is made possible by using the right roll tooling on an industrial rollforming machine.  With this setup installers can more easily erect a wall and fasten the panels from the exterior.

Types of wall panels fabricated today

There are a number of standard designs and profiles manufactured today. From the common corrugated roofing and wall panel to the raised rib wall system.  For many building designers having a range of profile shapes and heights and widths within each type of panel is essential.  The following standard panel designs can be manufactured by any company with a roll former.

Panel Roll Forming Machines 

  • Architectural wall panel

  • Urethane sandwich panel

  • Ag panel system

  • Wall panel

  • Steel wall panels

  • metal roof and wall systems

For more information on panel roll forming machines or to receive a free roll former quote contact us today.


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