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What is roll forming?


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What is roll forming? What is roll forming?
What is rollforming?

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The process of forming steel has been around for decades.  In its basic state the forming machine pulls in sheet metal and passes it through a set of steel rolls called roll tooling.  The roll tooling bends and forms the flat sheet metal in to a shape or profile.

Cold Roll Forming

The term ‘cold forming’ comes from the fact that the roll of steel is not heated and is at ambient temperature.  Both the metal roll material and the forming machine tooling are ‘cold’.  There are processes that heat the roll of metal prior to forming it, this is called ‘hot forming’.

Roll Forming Machinery

Forming machinery is capable of producing a wide range of end profiles or products.  As the rollforming industry continues to grow worldwide so do the demands for ever complicated profiles.  From simple U Channels used in metal framing to complex sandwich panel shapes machine forming can solve many design requirements.

An industry that has adopted across many applications the use of formed steel products is the building and construction industry.  For practical reasons such as speed of installation and simply use steel framing products such as the stud and track have been widely utilized.  Some of the more common products found in commercial projects are:

  • Corner Bead
  • Eavestroughing
  • Siding
  • Roofing Panels
  • Structural Steel
  • Floor Decking
  • And more…

The advantages of rollforming metal are plenty and often much more cost effective than other metal forming processes.  Today’s roll former manufactures are often pushed by the creativity and demands of the marketplace.  Today it seems that there are few limits to this technology.


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