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What Samco Machinery roll forming machines are made in India? What Samco Machinery roll forming machines are made in India?

North American roll forming machine manufacture, Samco Machinery, continues to build steel roll formers in India.  A new video showcasing the manufacture of purlin used in the building and construction sector illustrates how C Purlin, Z Purlin and Sigma Purlin could be formed.

The design and engineering for this equipment is done at the same place as the assembly testing and manufacturing.  Located in India costs are significantly reduced allowing equipment manufactures to stay competitive with the same metal processing equipment imported from China.  American buyers will have to pay close attention to these differing build qualities and challenge manufacturers to ensure the quality standards are at a level now produced by companies within the U.S.A.

Equipment features

Common features for industrial grade roll forming lines include the following;

  • Multiple profiles CEE, ZEE and U
  • Duplex (double) design
  • Avaliable in-line punching for common knocks found on purlins.
  • Servo controlled flying cutters
  • Nominal distortion
  • Various combinations of web-flange thickenesses
  • Motorized control of critical features

Common in today’s advanced industrial roll formers are high speed operations of up to 60 meters per minute and punching capacities maxing at 30mpm.  Also, common are simple plug and play electrical connectors for easy instalation.

Samco Mahcinery roll forming machine

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