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What to look for when buying a roll forming machine


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Industrial RollformerPurchasing any industrial machine requires a thorough analysis, but where do you start?  Taking a systematic approach to the purchase of a rollformer will help you reduce your risk with this large purchase.

Before you buy a rollformer consider this

Consider all the elements that go in to the cost.  The bottom line isn’t the salesmen’s quotation, it’s just the start.  Consider things like the sheet metal specification and availability of this in your region.  Forming machines are designed to produce parts based on the material specifications.  Changing your steel coil changes the profile spec, this ends up to be a cost to you.

Also, consider the soft costs you will face.  If you are changing roll tooling often consider the amount of time it takes to perform this.  Remember, if you ask the rollforming machine manufacturer they will tell you how long it takes for them and they are the experts.

Top 6 things to consider before you buy


1) Performance guarantees


Does your contract include any guarantees on the performance of the rollformer?  If so, what exactly are they standing behind?  Things to consider are the profile tolerances, scrap metal, line speed, change over time etc…


2) Service warranty

Many industrial machines come with a limited service warranty.  Make sure your warranty covers the travel expenses of the service technician, scarp costs and downtime costs.


3) Uptime


Not all roll forming machines are the same.  Some are built like tanks and for good reason.  Having a heavy duty base for the mill will help to keep all the tooling in place for a long time.  Your ‘uptime’ for production will be impacted on the overall quality of the forming machine.  Factor this cost in when making your purchasing decision.


4) Startup support


Simply put who’s going to help you when you turn the power on?  Having local representation both for sales and service can be a life saver when starting up a rolling mill.  When things go wrong, and they do, you want the right people standing there.


5) Reputation


This goes without saying but is often over looked when you look at the cost of these machines.  Buying a steel forming machine at a lower cost shouldn’t change your point of view of the manufacture.  If they have a bad reputation no cost saving is enough.


6) Parts supply


Many of these machines use custom roll forming parts.  Specifically, the tooling is designed specifically for your application.  What happens when a part breaks or you accidently crush a roll?  Will the manufacturer be able to rush you a part in time?

Machine manufacturer checklist

What to look for in a good machine builder.

  1. References
  2. Have they built your type of machine before?
  3. Can you see a similar application in the field?
  4. How long have they been in business?
  5. Where are their offices?
  6. Do they design and build everything in-house?
  7. How many designers do they have?

To find out who is building these machines check our roll former machine manufacturers list.


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