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Bradbury Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Video


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The Bradbury Group demonstrates their Highway Guardrail roll former machine on YouTube.  

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming MachineThis video of a heavy gauge forming machine illustrates the complexity of bending steel in to the common highway w-beam railing.  Highway guardrail suppliers rely on these industrial grade machines to manufacture a range of barrier designs and profiles.  The more common guardrail requirements are included as a standard feature in many rollforming machines.  Leading manufacturers such as "The Bradbury Group" supply these high grade machines.

Highway Barriers

Many municipalities have moved their freeway barriers over to concrete barrier construction.  Although these systems provide unique advantages over metal guardrails there is still a need to incorporate both styles in any road construction project.  All safety barriers have specific advantages over their counterpart and must be looked at when designing an effective safety system.  The w beam guardrail design has been around for decades and continues to be one of the leading guard rails for highway construction.  The "guardrail roll forming machine" has always been used to form these long, heavy gauge steel sections.  Sweep machines have been used to curve the section for corners in the roadway.

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

When steel manufacturers look for reliable methods to manufacture the common thrie beam guardrail system they often seek out roll forming companies.  By providing cost effective methods for forming heavy gauge steel with the required guardrail installation notching, holes and cut-offs rollforming machine manufactures provide the best equipment to achieve this.

Watch the Bradbury Group video of a Guardrail Roll Forming Machine to see how this industrial workhorse helps steel fabricators.


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