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Metal detector testing


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Used Goring Kerr Metal Detector

Used Goring Kerr Tektamet 2 Conveyor metal detectors are used in a wide range of applications.  If you are looking for a Goring Kerr metal detector to inspect food, candy, bread, gum or needing to inspect paper, plastic then you need to understand the operation.

A metal detector is like a large very sensitive radio.  In fact it's just like an A.M. radio.  For those of you who remember what it was like to listen to an A.M. radio you will recall that they are generally noisy.  Industrial metal detectors, especial conveyor metal detectors, are also very sensitive to interference in your plant.

Buying a Used Metal Detector

When purchasing a used metal detector you have to consider a number of factors.  Was the system originally manufactured for a product like the one I am going to inspect.  Are the electronics still working.  How do I test this specific model?  The list goes on.

The first thing you need to do after purchasing a used Goring Kerr is to setup the electronics.  You can buy any manual directly from our website.  Once you have this manual you will be able to correctly setup the electronics as well ensure that the conveying systems is operating correctly.

All these factors must be tested first prior to installing the system in you plant.   


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