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Get more life from your roll former: Refurbish, Rebuild and make it last
Used Roll Former Roll forming machines have a say in every industry be it construction or automobile. In building industry, a roll former is used for making corrugated roofs, steel studs, beads, purlins and other building parts. The automobile industry relies on roll forming machines for manufacturing bumpers, chassis,... Read more

The steel roll industry owes its life to the modern roll forming machine. Without this manufacturing machine many forming processes would be next to impossible to accomplish. The metal rolling process has been around for decades. However, today’s steel processing plants have increased demand on both production through put and profile part quality.

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Now that you have an order insight you search for used roll formers. You search for used Dreistern and used Bradbury roll former online. But is this the right way to go. Would a used Sen Fung roll former perform the same as a used ACS roll former or even a used Samco roll former. Good questions to ask yourself when you go down this road.

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